How are our prices so low?


In a Traditional Retail Model, in order to stay profitable, manufacturers mark up prices of their products as they are transported to wholesalers. The wholesalers then mark up the prices as they are selling them to retailers. The retailers further markup the prices even more before selling them to the end consumer. As the outcome of this model, consumers always end up paying higher prices.


At, we supply our products Directly to the end Consumer (D2C). By having our overhead costs at very minimal, and by supplying directly to the end consumer, we cut all the additional costs that gets incurred by the middlemen and provide our customers with the best prices out there.


When you get such good bargain with the convenience of having the products shipped directly to your door steps for FREE, why pay more and shop at other overpriced Retail Stores? 


All our products are 100% Genuine and Authentic Guaranteed!!




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